6w MarineReefLED - Par20 - 420nm Fiji Purple

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420nm Purple Fiji - Par20 Antinic / Supplement Bulb.

  • Black Housing
  • Clear 60 Degree Lenses
  • 3 420nm Fiji Purple LED's
  • Anodised Body
  • New Slimline Heatsink Fins
  • Plastic Driver Housing with vented body
  • Perfect Spectrum for Deep Antinic Colour

*NOTE* this bulb will be much dimmer than normal LED's as it is close to the "UV" level of light; of which is less noticeable to our human eye but extremely beneficial to our corals needs.

This Par20 will light on average 10 * 10" area from 12" above the tank water. Compatible with the *NEW* Mini Clamps.

Weight 0.5kg