15w MarineReefLED - Par20 - QuadSpec Mini V2

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QuadSpec™V2 Par20 QuadSpec Mini Bulb
  • Black Housing
  • Clear 60 Degree Multiplex Lens
  • 2 455nm Blue / 1 420nm Fiji Purple - UV / 1 4500K Warm White / 1 10,000K White
  • Anodised Body
  • New Slimline Heatsink Fins
  • Plastic Driver Housing with vented body
  • Proven spectrum often lost when switching from Halide.


  • Do not cover the Heatsink in a hooded lamp - Remove to let heatsink aeriate - Due to high wattage this bulb must not be covered at any time.
  • This LED Light is NON-DIMMABLE - Do Not attempt to attach to a dimmer driver or control as this will instantly kill the driver and void the warranty.

Weight 0.5kg